mayesque  (  euqseyam  )

flower moon boots

pounding dew's juices

five is alive

maius is a maiden

april's a ghost

glowing in the hedgerows

pan's in the brambles

pissing on a poem

suns blear clear

spearing the sparrow grass

deep green gleams

intermittent river blanks

kestrels swoop

as the bluebells droop

dead ants prance

in morris dancer pants



scrawling sprawls


sprawling scrawls ( some 21st century wobble-juice )

i'm scrawling sprawls in shit black ink

on helpful hands & exposed skin

i'm dawdles of a doodled ilk

& tattooed scraps of bastard whim

i'm scribbles of a symbol mind

from flapping wings of bastard gist

i'm nudges plus protection too

& makeshift bits of shopping lists

i'm tangents like a spider's web

& pilchard sods of inner-jokes

i'm faithful jots - forget me not

& other looming ghostly notes

i'm floating hopes & pressing too

a wistful wink, a gentle nudge

'fore dark clouds throb - the cloudburst falls

i'm smearing down to

just a smudge