today’s poem is


today’s poem is ( si meop s’yadot )

the second punic war
pewter forged with silver

floating over there
where the air snares feathers

a thousand little owls

catching a bus
with a bloody big net

yesterday’s gravy
yes men with rabies

anthills in antioch
bees in aberdeen

handstands in bandstands
peanut butter fingers

peppermint tea bags
penicillin g

bellowing yellows
whispered turquoise noise

singing saucy shanties
on the hepatitis sea

parping parsnip gasses
pickled fucking onions

friends with all the wrong’uns
& the covid cult defilers

( amen )

singing not a sonnet


singing not a sonnet  (  tennos a ton gnignis  )

cob y'rolling vistas

kippers smoked the oak tree

beaker people coasters

onion sky

pterodactyl lemons

television hopscotch

plods beyond the brambles

tangle i

phantoms of the tangents

sail upon a seesaw

quibbles of the swivels

spin the chair

snails upon a coffin

sing the song of odd socks

apple bobs the robin

yon's a bear

yawning through a haiku

morning spies a magpie

singing not a sonnet

or a list

penning in the headland

hops upon a hilltop

spinning in the midlands

kiss the mist