this piddle poem knows


this piddle poem knows  (  swonk meop elddip siht  )

this piddle poem knows

the price of wyvern eggs

a loaf of broken bread

a pint of almond milk

the green of england's beans

& sceptred pheasant gland

a twisted lizard queen

the onion skins within

the shapes of space & time

a song about an owl

the squawks within this wood

& backs of phantom hands

the raisin in the rhyme

the fate of all your foes

& where you buried the bodies

- so watch it



s p r e a d


s p r e a d  (  d a e r p s  )

scatters of cushions

mist of a morning

jam on a crumpet

butter on bread

ashes & rashes

raspberry ripples

cabbages scribble

licking the lead

pickles & picnics

villagers whisper

piffle & measels

weaving the thread

sneezes on breezes

autumn is spawning

summer is sleeping

bugs in the bed

winter is stirring

spring it  wing it

bats in the attic

birds in the head

bobbling's a robin

pecks on the noggin

finches & inching

feathers & spread