oh, what the folk?


oh, what the folk? ( ?klof eht tahw ,ho )

strumming the death of a legend
humming the rub of a bee
swigging a flagon of bitter
dumming the diddle in dee

roving the inns & the taverns
sleeping in stables & barns
hay in a feeder f’ breakfast
gold as the y’old in y’ yarns

rhyming the life of a wrong’un
lovers in peril & doom
farmers in lieu of a harvest
misery, merriment, gloom

jiggle the gist of a riddle
stroking the goat of a chin
stringing a cat with a fiddle
never ‘pon the violin

dressed as the ghost of a ploughman
bother the north & the south
prancing the pastures of midlands
straw in the side of y’ mouth

mincing along as a minstrel
under a trad-anon sun
scratching the balls of a ballad
oh, what the folk have y’ done?