poetry iz peas


poetry iz peas  (  a n o t h e r  p o e m  t h i n g  )

pickle onion hum drum

dub a rubber bandstand

ostriches in sod socks

trumpet on the breeze

butter flutter duster

ring a brindle dingle

wobble wonky watt-knots

nozzles on the knees

spittle trickle tap drip

singing in the kitchen

triple dips a hat-trick

singing in the trees

wriggle as the odes flow

operatic otters

scrambles in the brambles

jangle with the keys

pillocks on a hill's top

mizzle is a milksop

whistles in a bathtub

badgers on the seas

spot a leopard shepherd

mumbles in the jungles

stripe a tiger's wide pins

bumble with the bees

sing to me- oh, muesli

mutants of the moon's spew

yeoman of the yak's shat

chieftain of the cheese

piddle in the sun's plum

gargle in the garden

rhythm is a mistress

poetry iz peas