suck a pickled pepper


suck a pickled pepper ( reppep delkcip a kcus )

suck a pickled pepper

sink the kitchen dresser

piss another puddle

chickens in a huddle

swans upon a morning

as the sky is warring

hanging like a lizard

wizard in the blizzard

deep ‘n’ crisp ‘n’ even

fuck it – ’tis the season

supper’s in a cauldron

all is balls ‘n’ golden

rolling hills ‘n’ barrels

tossers singing carols

sniff the winter roses

as the summer dozes

ring-a-ring-a riddle

rhymin’ life ‘n’ piddle

glued upon the glooming

’til the blossom’s blooming

scribble is a couplet

rhythm is a drum kit

suck a pickled pepper

in a christmas sweater