hey, hay barnacles


hey, hay barnacles  (  selcanrab yah ,yeh  )

hey, hay barnacles

dark star underbar

heath haze wunderbar

cracked black carnivals

cracked black carnivals

sod sock odyssey

pea pod ptolemy

dead red cardinals

dead red cardinals

dipstick dragonfly

cancan alibi

kiss my arsenals

kiss my arsenals

mudflap matinee

syntax saturday

hey, hay barnacles



wet june afternoon ado


wet june afternoon ado  (  a  p o e m  )

crackle static campervans

cottages in cotton socks

caravans & ampersands

splatter on the avenue

nibble crumbs of sunken sun

otter on as puddles pond

fingers thumb & thunder drums

dusters dust but hoovers spew

simmer spanner sandwiches

bric-a-brac as building bricks

lixard tongues & languages

singing songs of xanadu

television comatose

quizzes fizz as kitchens sink

dishes fish & rivers row

breezes sneeze a big achoo

pluck a feather, weather clogs

moses gloats as noah floats

lemons suck & heavens frog

dropping dogs from katmandu

interregnum rafter-flaps

phantoms spool in ghoul-cagoules

bladders, naps & ballad scraps

wet june afternoon ado