swan the longest daze


swan the longest daze ( ezad tsegnol eht naws )

hark, the barking snarks
as a marten larks
minstrels mince in parks
middle’s mist is here
as the garden gurns
glean the green of ferns
speak in cheesing churns
worms within y’ ear
whales within y’ bonce
sing as sonnets nonce
wiccan wankers ponce
proper pagans cheer
cats are scratching naps
& the dragon snaps
scree between the gaps
shatter crystal’s clear
as the breezes sneeze
snot upon the leas
mumble bumblebees
salad, balladeer
spinning thicket’s maze
bramble scrambles graze
swan the longest daze
of the badger blear

the undefeated winter sun


the undefeated winter sun by 4 ropy couplets for solstice poetrys

the branches of the trees are bare

of leaves once green in summer fair

when hedgehogs sleep - nymphs disappear

down to the southern hemisphere

the nights are long like war & peace

there's whooper swans & there's brent geese

the undefeated winter sun

the rise of day has re-begun


( author notes )

whooper swans & brent geese migrate here for winter

that's why they're in it innit