sheep in negative yellow


monday morning wank


monday morning wank  (  r h y m e z  4  u r  m i i i i i i i i n n n d d d  . . .  )

chase a trail of sputtered dust

chaffinches & steaming chuff

radishes & bumblebees

bushes burn & trees combust

ladder on as adders puff

hinges sink & tractors rust

fingers slip & ninjas knee

whistles whip & whispers hush

winter songs of sonic thrusts

piffle vest & phonic stuff

cabbage fare & tapestries

pies alive & suppered crusts

plod the log of royal flush

chicken necks & scuppered ruff

buoyancy & dragon trees

warbled sprees & walrus tusks

toddle on for totter's truss

butterflies & fluttered fluff

saccharine & sanity

foxes brush & badger musk

wave the wand of wanderlust

happenstance & heron struts

panda prangs & pageantry

lemon haze & hazelnuts

grip a snip of scissor cuts

spittle squits & riddled scuff

rubber cheeks & nettle knees

feathered flecks & ruffled tufts

wheeze the breeze of weasel gusts

at the back & bus or bust

give a shit & fucked at sea

everything is crushed & rushed



a solo effort


a solo effort ( some verse of )

yet when the moon doesn't help

& them chuckles hide in puddles

as it's too puzzled by itself

when them words are all befuddled

as the day's gravel 'n' gravy

hence then the birdsong's gone confused

& so grey's the may in maybe

pray tell us

what then do we do

( ? )