the stuff of nine


the stuff of nine  (  enin fo ffuts eht  )

seesaw, sun spun, speckle shepherd shrine

eggheads, eczma, easter's equals sign

panpipes, peasants, pitter patter pine

tent pegs, tumbles, turtles,turpentine

elfin english, elephants entwine

mrs. mizzle's missing marble mine

barnstorms, brambles, barnacles & brine

essauh eyeing emerald einstein

ra roars - rorschach - ripples realign

( says september - i'm the stuff of nine )



september expects


september expects ( a seasonal list-poem-thing )

nifty hips & rosy reds

chickenpox & foggy heads

fairy folk & silky webs

skeins of geese & woven threads

misty plods & rusty screws

unicorns & dusty hues

leprosy & itchy clues

burning barns & holes in trews

weepy trees & springy steads

conker fests & sunny dregs

shifty nymphs & leafy beds

shapes of wraiths & weeping ebbs

steamy hobs & soupy brews

groaning gales & muddy shoes

bony dales & fungi spew

apple carts & harvest moons