sticky pennies


sticky pennies  (  a  p o e m  f o r  m i z z l e m a r c h  (  e v a n s  a b o v e  )  )

duster, ruffle

sputter breeze

rubber balls

& courts

buster, shuffle


tips of tors

& ports

hocus, murmur

pocus, flow

crocus glow

& orbs

focus, firma

locus - crow

squawks of squall

& sorts

fumble, terra

puddle sky

feather flecks

& claws

trundle, blether

stumble i

squinter's death

& doors

dangle, slither


carrot top

& horse

mangle, river


hat atop

& pause

perches, birches

vernal haze

wobbles, boars

& snorts

churches, lurches

myrtle maze

goggles, gawps

& hawks

blisters, listers

bits of spring

drizzle, dew

& course

whispers, fingers

dripping in

trickles, glue

& gorse