doctor otter’s pocket


doctor otter’s pocket  (  a  s t o r y  p o e m  )

bramble bursts the baron's

punctured rubber milkmaid

rivers oar the miller's

waterwheel 'n' sprocket

muffles moth the matron's

candlemas & lampshade

whispers spur the vicar's

lunar looper rocket

treacle tweeds the teacher's

weasel limbs & patches

spittle sticks the seaman's

mizzle-misted docket

fiddle fleas the miner's

collier dog & scratches

spindle spins the spider's

cider eyes in sockets

lasers ray the baker's

meter-reader robot

scramble cracks the eggman's

omelette bonce & pop it

corners war the speaker's

gruffle goat & soapbox

dangles hang the peaklands

curbar edge & frogget

leopards spot the shepherd's

polka dotted flock socks

squinter spins the spinster's

silver phantom locket

lepers lap the saucer's

welkin warbled whatnots

onions in the duffeled

doctor otter's pocket