gubbins the musical


gubbins the musical  (  a  p o e m  )

hum a drum as rivers merge

& riddles seek the sea

warble forth as grasses verge

& scribbles leap the flea

clarinet as fiddles surge

& cymbals ting the key

tenor horns as flutters blur

& dawdles slap the knee

double bass as bubbles burst

& muddles ape the spree

castanet as batons urge

& badgers shake the tree

band the blend as ballads dirge

& blizzards freeze the pea

treble clef as bellends church

& kettles timpani

group the loop as noodles splurge

& bullocks chew the lea

sweep the street as curtains scourge

& tingles euphony

orchestra as puddles purge

& marbles march the scree

weasels peep as silence lurks

'stead stride - with harmony