robins shat on bobble hats


robins shat on bobble hats  (  stah elbbob no tahs snibor  )

bats & twats in santa hats

as hark, a choir sings

songs of y'olden partridges

the gold of saturn's rings

spins again & face the beige

with cheeks a shade of rash

candlelight is catching moths

& shops are eating cash

bumble bee the beaver hats

& pale's the winter hare

morris men are knelling bells

the end is in the air

whale the spinning milking maids

a carol catches on

as a spot of chickenpox

& yonder hymns a swan

scattered frost but faux's the snow

as white as cotton socks

wank is all the wireless snores

& shite is on the box

tinsel tossers on the piss

as doves above relieve

robins shat on bobble hats

- it must be christmas eve