swan upmanship


swan upmanship ( pihsnampu naws )

this is not a story

i’m still dodging normies

holes in the soles

of my lockdown shoes

orthopaedic stylee

cancel me like wiley

shaking fists at phantoms

& tangents in clouds

’til the daze is gravy

& this lemon’s hazy

shower in the bath

breathe without a mask

plodding like a donkey

music in the wrong key

muses snoozing zeds

pencils in me lead

oh, the road is bendy

after twenty twenty

owls in me frog mouth

up north has gone south

earth is a loony

under the moony

scribbles in the bin

sing another songbook


( author notes / quotes )

” mad is bad. bad is good “

( j.g ballard, kingdom come )