hadit & habits


hadit & habits  (  stibah & tidah  )

swirl in a circle

birds of the woodland

song in y' noggin

flaps in the attic

suns in the jumbles

six is a vista

gibbons & ribbons

crackles of static

glow with the roses

balls of a morning

patches of ashes

scatter the planet

ka in the garden

animus mumbles

seven's eleven

anima magnet

numbers & stumbles

flutters of nutters

lead in y' pencil

eggs in the basket

carrots & dangles

sneeze with the breezes

easter & aether

hop with the rabbit

bees on the wheezes

frogs in y' bonnet

lizards & teachers

hadit & habits

axels & antlers

preachers & creatures

everyone nuit

pupils of majick