f e b


f e b ( b e f )

further echoes backwards

foxes electrify badgers

farmers eat buttercups

faraway elephants bark

fabled easterlies blow

fireflies egg babylon

future endeavoured bluebells

florists emancipate bakers

floating excelsior’s beyond

fruitful’s endless bunions

fucking easter bonnets

a fading face


a fading face  (  b l a m e  h y m n  )

a fading face browbeat the sound

rat raged a fresh lychee

my bonce floss tossed, kung pao man drowned

rock slide - but cow eye scree

toss face that snort sky harp to ear

& lace my ears unsqueezed

brow breathless chinwag face veneer

crush hour, sky murmur cleave

the gourd tank rocket ( book 2 - 3 )

fish turd my rope secures

steep hill, rye field & torsion sea

brass gong as wife manures

hen weave thin air, glen trouser gears

shite gliding aster nun

heave-hoe essays tooting sod's sprays

& then tree burst big gun