novesque  (  a  p o e m  f o r  n o v  &  e m b e r )

dogs spool in paddles & toads stool in tool kits

pips poke in apples & sleep is the bee

bobs boat in barrels & toads shit in stone pits

bricks blow in baffles & creak is the tree

jam wings in raffles & wings hag in moonlit

bangs slam in gavels & squeak is the key

rams sing in rabbles & spring sings in black pits

hands stand in axles & sleep is the sea

worms can in cackles & stars stoop in loose fits

books squirm in satchels & green is the tea

germs garb in gabbles & ants farm in armpits

feet speak in shackles & kneel is the key

toss spits in camels & sag flaps in blue tits

flow sinks in saddles & frieze is the pea

toes tip in battles & plots spin in cockpits

tocks tick in babbles & clocks watch in me