the bunting is munting


the bunting is munting ( gnitnum si gnitnub eht )

the silence was golden
a clamour is made
beholding the lost of
the wanker parade

a thunder of fuckers
a bitch of a groan
arranged by the folk who
won’t leave us alone

a floating of gloating
a schism of narc
the crows above circle
but never a lark

the sun is avoiding
the soiling of day
as mister punch swazzles
magonia’s grey

a tentful of tossers
& crap cover bands
the glasses are plastic
& warm in your hands

the lager is fizzless
an apt metaphor
so please putin save us
with nuclear war

a castle of bounces
the drowning ‘n’ bruised
the emptier vessels
are easily amused

the darkness in normalzzz
a forceful delight
the bunting is munting
the carnival’s shite

the death of a soap star


the death of a soap star ( rats paos a fo htaed eht )

wrong’un on the box
hark, a herald angel sings
mercury in thee

hespero below
see the shite beyond the dark
panto purgatory

beckons like a nonce
new producers, budget cuts
ratings on the slide

once the grannies scowled
thirst another universe
storylines have dried

now’s an egg again
up the creak without a boat
swimming in the pooh

come back as a dick
whittington or mother goose
supernova you

s o n g b i r d


weeter than a nuthatch

   singing in the spring

   syrup chirruped hymns

lder than the old school


   odes upon a morn

estled in the woodland

   nodding like a rocking horse

   newer than the dawn’s

listening skin

   gargle like a lark

   glowing with the clover

lackbirds & thrushes

   bobbing with the robins

   bouncing like a bomb

n between the sound

   is the whispering breeze

   interludal blues

hythm with wings

   ruffles raven feather’s

   red wings middle-eight

own in the dingle

   dawdle in the sound

   dancing forever