spring is in the blah


spring is in the blah  (  halb eht ni si gnirps  )

sing of seeds & sneezes

pollen, pox & wheezes

cheeses on the breezes

pickles in a jar

tangled grass & slipping

bells of blue are ringing

buttercups are spilling

farmers ooh & aar

in amongst the pastures

underneath the raptors

hornets war with jaspers

shepherdesses baa

flippin' eck & blooming

badger brocks are crooning

as the sun is mooning

saturn is a star

blossom hops are snowing

gleams of stream are flowing

river ripples glowing

spring is in the blah

bee the buzz of bumbles

sputter on in mumbles

thunder in the rumbles

summer isn't far

( gasp )