another may poem


another may poem  (  c l u b f e e t  k n o t  s e a l s  )

spinsters sing of wings & pins

weasels weave the winter's hay

rumplestiltskin tilts on stilts

as the attic mantis pray

john the baptist basks in blue

chaffinch chafe the mutant grey

spiders munch a tuffet-lunch

eating curds of words & whey

shuck is barking in the park

butter cups the pigeon's clay

lugh is flutters of a lark

as the badgers cabaret

bells gazelle as bellends knell

squirrels squiggle in the drey

pebbles plop as stoned's the crow

otters jot & dot the jay

maidens in the dingle ring

ravens raving on the brae

leopards sail the rameses

shepherds shear as yearlings neigh

scribble shats a bastard splat

roses glow as hoses spray

moses mows & noah floats

on another day in may