spotted on this morning’s walk


spotted on this morning’s walk  (  klaw s’gninrom siht no dettops  )

ten leopards a leaping

a speckled, freckled frog

three cheetahs in polka dots

a cow upon a hillock's brow

dalmatians & ladybirds

poltergeists with chickenpox

a hyena with a filthy rash

& a teenager with acne

squeezing in the mist

( underneath the sun  )


aubergine pockets


aubergine pockets  (  a  l i s t  )

aubergine pockets

goshawk waterproof

ten past cinnamon

nutmeg overlords

catflap cataracts

penpal pigeonholes

sea trout troubadour

brown owl trouser press

merman myrmidon

pinto pirrouette

pea pod pantomime

bee's knees caesium

gritstone guillotine

ginseng singalong

pin-prick limerick

- aubergine pockets