eight maids a milking


eight maids a milking  (  a  l i s s s s s s s t  )

thistles in mid-august's mizzle

silver coins from henry's wallet

rhyming rain again & smiling

almonds on a hazel soyday

scorpios stroke octopuses

lay them straight & oxy-genate

pop culture til all is headfuckz

cattle & galactic udders


b.o poem


b.o poem  (  a  p o e m  )

bionic otters

bicycle onions

bracken osmosis

broccoli odour

bat operettas

borium's orphans

barking okapi

basketing ova

beekeeper omens

biscuit olympics

brisket osiris

broken october

bedridden oceans

bending ork-estras

barn origami

bathazar's ochre

borage opossum

buttercup onions

buttermilk ostrich

billowing over

blueberries oozing

blazing oases

brainstorming orchids

bungalow owner

bogged ocarinas

barnacle oxcart



bladder ovation

butterscotch optics

badger oblation

bodily ogre



jacket pocket


jacket pocket  (  a  p o e m  /  a  l i s t  )

a carrier pigeon

& charger - adapter

a tisket, a ticket

a genie


a petal of blossom

an ombudsman's uncle

the clang of a pin drop

a bee in

the breeze

the noon of last tuesday

a garden in darkeness

an apple, a chapel

a scrumple

of sheets

the battle of flanders

& nessy & yeti

a pebble, a pencil

a handkerchief

- keys



ten proverbs


ten proverbs  (  a  l i s t  )

the hen is flightier than the horde

wren in dome, shrew as the omens

no flan is a diamond

turds of a blether fuck together

a stopped watch never soils

fractions squeak powder than nerds

there's no slime like the pheasant

never fudge a cook by its mother

two plebs are wetter than swan

axis snakes prefect