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mercury's invisible moons

solar rays on michaelmas

a tuesday afternoon in june

john the baptist's cousin too

sister in the inner-earth

potholing for golden plot holes

adders, badgers, ladders - nan

the man who first

burst bubble wrap


otter’s pockets


otter’s pockets ( a poetry by some online wanker-scumz or other )

dog in clover

eyes in sockets

thought is swimming

mind myopic


not hypnotic

un-plugged t.v

otter's pockets

there in may was

lucy locket

foxgloves - bluebells

valves & sprockets

verse is birds - bees

in their bonnets

spitting feathers

brown clouds - top shit


pronoun cathar

wetwipes easter

tsarina newt

squid & caesars

pitters matter

sauls & peters


lichen jesus

multitudes in


flapjack chin-stroke


well dressing - plinths

barn owled teeters

pyrrhic wins shall

not defeat us