( chopping blocks & shopping trolleys )


( chopping blocks & shopping trolleys )  (  a  r e w r i t e  . . .  g a s p  )

sing a song of stinging nettles

chopping blocks & shopping trolleys

fizzle as the mizzle kettle

dots the t's of steaming coffee

dawn's the yawn of pins of speckles

fencing post & pencil folly

blossom possums - sinking petals

sensing ghosts & border collies

spin in rings as hectors heckle

chapel bells & apple toffee

missing cats as fiddles fettle

crackle splats a spittle volley

scrawl a crawl of claws 'n' mettle

evergreen & ever-holly

kitchens sink as sinking freckles

broccoli - & bring a brollie