pear weather fiend


pear weather fiend  (  a  p o e m  )

in autumn's squall as woodland frog

& mizzle cysts upon a breeze

we apple on a bramble path

& glisten as the forests frieze

in squinter's spin - the dog & i

sea squander in the blizzard's boar

as darkness barks a snarling gnarl

& tossers hive behind cloned doors

in vernal spring as birbles ping

of blossoming & wormer daze

pea potter in the pastor's grass

as otters chafe the frost away

then summer spoons in blue balloons

with leprosy & feathers preened

& homely bear & hen - it's ewe

but hare were you, pear weather fiend

( ? )



sticks ‘n’ spin


sticks ‘n’ spin  (  t h e  i n e v i t a b l e  c o b w e b  )

sticks 'n' spin

specks of span

spots of pots

jars of jam

twigs in tongues

twits in hoods

owls in vowels

stumped in stood

dots in knots

strums in twang

stares of hair

palms & hands

howls on hills

twists in woods

sleep in speak

shush in should