the absent there of disappear


the absent there of disappear ( raeppasid fo ereht tnesba eht )

beyond the clustered range is strange
another sort of creaking door
the stepping stones of droving ghosts
a plod upon a sodden moor

beneath a breathing shroud of cloud
a sleeping walk, a distant near
is glowing where the washing goes
the absent there of disappear

beyond a cycled song of swans
a winding river’s run & twist
a fumble in the flustered fog
& vanish in the gasping mist

the wisping wanders of the fay
a jot but not a pencilled trace
a garden in the gloaming’s dark
the flipping missing marble’s place

a hall of orbs, a sylphid sea
a spot but not the realm of men
another all is calling me
another when is dancing then

beyond the haring snare of time
& snooping eyes of watchful clocks
the hands of phantoms beckon to
the mythic land of pairless socks