seven spins


seven spins  (  snips neves  )

odd socks in tumble driers

geb's head & gaia's cycles

saturn's rings & hula hoops

swingball on a patch of grass

ticking tocks in cuckoo clocks

turning tides in mid-july

potted plates & figure eights

( swish us luck with fingers crossed )



curdled milk


curdled milk  ( klim deldruc )

fiddlesticks & tins of peaches

sticklebacks & bees in breeches

bits of sonnets buzz in bonnets

flannels, towels & owlet screeches

rubber ducks & clouds of piffle

trouser presses, piss & spittle

parcels, marbles - garden garbles

muttered dust & specks of riddle

curdled milk & cans of custard

cuttlefish & colonel mustard

swan the song of broken biscuits

burble bursts of bastard bustard

frozen peas & apple leather

rabbits feet & sprigs of heather

all is walrus - dawn's a chorus

warring on in storming weather



slime for tea


slime for tea  (  a n o t h e r  p o e t r y  t h i n g  )

fingers flinch of builder's

bubble lea & broth

bramble is the scrambled

tangle in the trough

whispers whiff of vicar's

sugar suns & moons

diddle is the fiddled

riddle in the spoon

chatters chime of china's

pyramids & price

clatter is the badgered

babble in the bites

kettles sing of clippers

- dotted eyes & seas

storming is the morning's

sky in slime for tea