midwinter song


midwinter song  ( gnos retniwdim  )

hymn in the morning

choruses calling

hear in the headland

banging a gong

here in the blearing

snowing a trumpet

ringing a springing

ding & a dong

snore a recorder

frost's a conductor

warming y' whistle

whetting the strong

fog on the fiddle

murmurs of drizzle

yodel til clover

bursts in a throng

bare in the woodland

curses & verses

sprinkles of crystal

whiting the wrong

mist on the lyre

wailing & higher

there by the fire's

where we belong

glowing & gliding

scaling & sliding

icicles chiming

midwinter song

bees in the bumbles

strumming a summer

mince as a minstrel

stringing along