budding song


budding song ( gnos gniddub )

daffodils emerge
underneath a silver birch
as the catkins nap

shoots of mutant green
soon is nearer than the moon
winter caught the clap

off a poet’s pen
when the weir is roaring forth
then the river knows

so galanthus snows
crocus croak a speckled ode
‘neath the gleaming crows

oh, the giddy ants
dance within me thermal pants
as the lamb tail’s sway

on the dozing trees
death is but a stepping stone

those imaginary penpals


those imaginary penpals ( slapnep yranigami esoht )

martin p. parsnip
seventeen narnia crescent

susan lamashtu
thirty three coleslaw corner
of your hinterland

hercule humidor
forty four droopy drawer’s road

anne mcdroidson

goneril goshawk
thirteen codology mews
planet caravan

astaroth windsor
six six six j. saville row
( the necro-dungeon )

genghis carnation
eighteen gravy boatswain lane
anus, uranus