lunch-shine ( some 5-7-5 gubbins )

silver spoons of moon

beacon sandwiched yawning dawn

magpie after noon



otter’s pockets


otter’s pockets ( 32 lines of wobble )

basket weaving - bastard evenings

dog in clover - eyes in sockets

apples bobbing - pears are peeling

thoughts are swimming - mind myopic

windows smearing - kettle's steaming

multiverses - that's the tonic

poles are flipping - ice is screaming

unplugged t.v - otter's pockets

toast is smoking - piffle's calling

hares are boxing - merry easters

walls are cracking - dawn is snoring

palmate newts are hailing caesars

dozing moments - rarely boring

cheeky monkeys - bloody rhesus

glitter patters on the awning

biblical say saul & peter

gold is hiding - fools are gleaming

there in may was lucy locket

rivers weeping - streams are scheming

foxgloves, bluebells, valves & sockets

night is bright when day is dreaming

verse is birds - bees in their bonnets

tennis ankles - crickets teeming

spitting feathers - brown clouds - top shit

bollocks itching - mice are roaring

multitudes in millimetres

ears have noses - walls are talking

lollipops & lotus eaters

winks are winging - boards are scoring

well dressings as balance teeters

fingers crossed we'll kiss the morning

pyrrhic wins shall not defeat us


ten onions &


ten onions &  ( a poem )

ten onions & fresh turnip juice

a newspaper

or else - gazette

a book of stamps, a phone number

& all those who

we've not killed yet

the date today - not yesterday

or last whitsun

- that clarinet

our middle names, our silly games

& so we list

lest we forget