titbits & pieces


titbits & pieces ( seceip & stibtit )

shooting star fishwives

kingfisher swishes

vicars whipping spinsters

gingerbread bin crumbs

do you do voodoo?

a pixie in the garden

skipping over leaves like

cracks on the pavement

seventeen, benzine

butterflies in autumn

once upon a cobweb

when the sun was younger

& the moon was frisky

dancing with the jigsaws

spinning between daydreams

’til the first of snowdrop

fifty six milkmen

pickles on a cheese breeze

bonfire whiffs

embers in november

mayflies in april

butter fingers spreading

catching a feather

– grow your own toenails

upon dissecting an owl pellet …


upon dissecting an owl pellet …  ( … tellep lwo na gnitcessid nopu )

four calling bluebirds

four & twenty black cats

rusty backdoor keys

carrot cubes & sweetcorn

fifty pence in shrapnel

the battle of trafalgar

odd socks from the wash

the wings of a batsquatch

the war of the roses

the salmon of knowledge

the dog that ate the homework

the cauldron of rebirth

a pocket full of poses

a pygmy shrew's mandible

stephenson's rocket

& xanadu