caterpillars caterwauling


caterpillars caterwauling  (  a  p o e m z e t r y  )

slugs are humming, bugs are barking

caterpillars caterwauling

here is ears as i sit harking

all is stalling - traffic crawling

bees a drumming, worms a singing

trees are standing, pins are falling

churches churning, bells are ringing

poltergeists & tripe is calling

fleas are weaving, weasels scheming

flies are rhyming, nought is scrawling

suns are beams as beetles heaving

dung this dungeon of a morning

bread is crumbing, ants are dancing

wasps are warring, dredgers trawling

tow the flow as so is camping

caterpillars caterwauling


( author notes )

i tried to write a poem yesterday

but those bloody caterpillars wouldn't shut up

so i just wrote this instead