stegosaurus sorcery


stegosaurus sorcery  (  a  p o e m  )

stegosaurus sorcery

pickled onion pillories

seraphin & minerals

singing in the middle seas

murmuration mistletoes

pissing pilchard piccolos

cigarettes & inner-sweats

tingle spindle little toes

canter camel cavalries

galaxies of catteries

rub-a-dub & rubber ducks

badger babble appletrees

clover yeoman overflows

brethren of the broken nose

crickets pitch & wickets twitch

trembles when in romeo

semper ember embassies

leopard lettered leprosies

inking sands & ampersands

rectums sings in rectories

flicker fucker undertows

ruffle rumble thunder-crows

noodle spew & toodleooh

dribble as the riddle flows