backend ( ish )


backend ( ish )  (  p o e t i c a l  m o n k e y  t e n n i s  )

in the trudge of trodden apples

orchard forth with mud beneath us

sodden squawking of a morning

dead ahead & squash a squish

breezes sneeze as leaves are feathers

spiders cider, spores are roaring

petals settle - clutch y'heather

grab a rake & shake a whish

sing the song of snails & coffins

hogget with the dogs & roses

crows of maidens - ghosts of goblins

swirl in circles - bosh a bish

phantoms yawning - spines a chiming

down y'ale & chase a fairy

roundabouts & face the hairy

bastard bear of - backend ( ish )

(  g a s p  )