the breezes taste


the breezes taste  (  etsat sezeerb eht  )

the breezes taste of custard creams

a walrus in a walnut tree

the taj mahal & laser beams

a christening in kipper ties

& ptarmigans in cardigans

the twisted hips of hypnotise

the turin shroud & london bridge

a minaret of nimbus clouds

the golden fleece, a summer midge

a winter wreath & tartan rugs

the badgers of andromeda

the trail of snails & garden bugs

the stuff of slugs & pickled eggs

the blooming moons of jupiter

a prussian doll & pigeon legs

the passing parps of marching bands

the crackle snap of bubble wrap

the fumbled clasps of phantom hands

a sack of straw, a ski jump nose

the darkened heart of derbyshire

the trojan war & ingrown toes

a bumblebee & ginger paste

a bell is rung, a knelling tongue

says mumble me - the breezes taste