underneath a blue duvet


underneath a blue duvet  (  tevud eulb a htaenrednu  )

circle as a bird of prey

sing the song of stagnant bogs

sweating steps & up the brae

panting ants & slobber dogs

roving on this solar day

in the nincompoops of noon

bee the breeze & blow away

mumbles of a bumbled loon

warble of a waterway

gleam the green - a wheaten sea

til it's gold & welkins grey

soldier on & swelter thee

sleep is speak this matinee

scrawling til the curtain squalls

bramble jam & gamma rays

wickets stick & all is balls

piffle in this passageway

puddles shrink & petals snow

nettle sting as mantis pray

thickets sing & roses glow

underneath a blue duvet

fingers slip, the river gleams

seek the shade & sock the hay

flop beneath the copse's beams