lines upon the first


lines upon the first  (  a  t a l e  o f  f o u r  a r t i c h o k e s  )

squinters, dowsers

scribble ink the scribes

rivers, rousers

roundabouts & slides

pillars, yeoman

romans nose the blinds

triggers, trousers,

togas, knives

& ides

flotsam, hocus

crocus croak the newts

knot some, locus

loop-the-shoots & lutes

blossom, hedge head

musical the fruits

possum, dead legs

rubber ducks

& boots

battles, mortar

apples stair the pears

babbles, quarters

barrel drums & snares

raffles, porters

saddle snore the mares

paddles, portals

otters box

& hares

burbles, piddles

riddles lark the arch

circles, candles

calendars & starch

vernal - wriggles

ribbons swing the arch

gargles, mizzle

gibbon me

& march