blurb song


blurb song ( gnos brulb )

roadworks ahead

red means go

      grow your own poems

      in a bum notebook

may contain nutter

keep two metres

      like a good little gimp

      use by last tuesday

sew facing south

with a pebble in your mouth

      this way uppercut

      crossed parry fingers

shake like a sheikh

on a bumpy camel ride

      defrost thoroughly

      & dance like a pixie

singing in the spring

in e-flat minor

      gargle in the garden

      as the crowbar flies

soak both ends

in lukewarm thistle milk

      every other sunday

      is a monday in disguise

talking clocks


talking clocks  (  skcolc gnikalt  )

talking clocks

sun dialogues

syntax tocks

set backs & jet packs

speeding a head

tread lead legged

spew blue cuckoos

tempus fugitive

larks in the dark

run round the mouse

up bright night

grandfather paradox

facing the grains

sand in y' hand

phantoms afoot

- on the ticks

of y' tongue