april reigns – over fools


april reigns – over fools  (  sloof revo – sngier lirpa  )

liquorice, limericks

rubber ducks, building bricks

laugh aloud

scatter cloud

scratching naps, in the mix

muddle up, buttercups

speak in sheets, cover-ups



spin the wheel, blunderbuss

lemur tails, spinning yarns

catching naps, clinging arms

limpet on

sing a swan

knell a bell, ring alarms

licking lead, ticking clocks

choosing snooze, picking locks

mutant muse

shrews in shoes

podded peas, chickenpox

milking maids, gallifrey

lemonade, mandalay

open road

shed a load

serenade, that-er-way

seek the leas, clover spools

sprout a mouth, motor pools

cable cars

sable stars

april reigns - over fools



umbrella terms


umbrella terms  (  smert allerbmu  )

shade from the death rays

catcher of suns

rampart of stars

stalwart of cagoules

friend of old biddies

picnics & funerals

buffer of floods

anagram of lure lamb

portable spinney

woodland with legs

bulwark of hale

roaming snow shelter

awning for the people

aegis of sleet

the rooftop that spins

- all of the above