november & yes


november & yes  (  sey & rebmevon  )

a brimming of ditches

a pond in a puddle

the suck of a lemon

the chequers of chess

the bollocks of autumn

a squawk in a woodland

the sun in the cellar

the moon in a dress

a loon of a leper

the scatters of saturn

& jupiter's blooming

as swans convalesce

the whistles of winter

& felling of timber

the pickles of pepper

the pee of the ess

a bee in a sonnet

a fly in a fire

the flight of the bustard

the mustard of cress

the howl of an owlet

a mumble of stumbles

a sprouting of brussels

the trousers of press

the gloam of the rover

& under of over

a ghost in the clover

november & yes

a vole in a bucket

the cousin of fuck it

december's a member

the rest is a mess



mind bingo


mind bingo ( a short true tale )

often whilst out

to pass time

i play bingo

in my mind


things i see

look - a shepherd


a wolf whistling


a lucky charm

( dob ) that's 7

two little ducks


one little duck

me & you

yonder by the

garden gates

two fat ladies


a musty hive


bingo - i've won

where's my prize?