untitled poem things


untitled poem things  (  sgniht meop deltitnu  )

untitled poem things

sing with the winter wren

penned as the kettle sings

spawn of the morning's odes

yawning in analogue

frog hops & crawling toads

crows of the cockatoos

tea of the clipper ship

hip hip hypotenuse

tones of the broken clocks

building with rubber bricks

ticks & then token tocks

slugs in the underscores

drumming in triple slime

rhyming with thunder roars

pickle me vegetables

clover & overstep

peppermint sentinels

dogwood & spinning plates

cloaked in an oaken hood

wood chip & figure eights

sucking as lemon curds

summer is riddled pink

ink blots & bursts of birds

flaps as the chatter runs

suns as the clatter clapped

chapped lips & scatter guns

shoot as the budded leaves

nip as the ninja gnat

shat of the basket's weaves

shades of the sunless skies

wraiths in a comet's tail

stale bread & butterflies

rip tides & broken wings

spin as the spindle's spun

untitled poem things