crunching ( gnihcnurc )


crunching in a wood

scrunching on this crackered land’s

kitchen sinking sand


trudging with aplomb

like the fading autumn sprite

as the footpath twigs


so the thicket thins

saturn spins – a goblin sings

this is easter’s ghost


& the carpet glows

marbles, me & barking trees

branches leaf a trace


numbered blow the bones

wafer thin biscuits fading

embers of a then


sound is bouncing round

sun above but yonder ground

eggshells & cornflakes



bonfire ( erifnob )

build with sticks – not stones
bits ‘n’ birch & branch of oak
last summer’s ragwort

brambles, bobs ‘n’ twigs
scrumpled sheets of poetry
nettles & regrets

leaves & sheeple masks
letters from the government
thorns of thicket’s thatch

with a guy atop
effigies of enemies
weasels run the whirled

check for hedgehogs first
badgers, owls & barrels of
rum – or gunpowder

if the ghost is clear
in the darkened garden’s blear
– spark that mother’ up