( another sigh dies )


( another sigh dies )  (  a  p o e t r y  )

from this little, spittle village

meat is murmurs, mist is sylphid

mist is sylphid, adders flapping

in the taverns, joggers hogging

joggers hogging paths & pavements

fields are calling - dog & wellies

dog & wellies - bring a camera

pen & pencil - sheets of paper

sheets of paper in y' pockets

dodge the daggers, stumble staggers

stumble staggers on the cobbles

curtains twitching, fingers itching

fingers itching ( bring a bifter )

butterbeans & green the spleenswards

green the spleenswards, hillock on from

pillock drizzle, walk in water

walk in water, trickle treacle

hit the cee & peak a middle

peak a middle, flea from people

from this little, spittle village