psychopomp & circumstance


psychopomp & circumstance  ( ecantsmucric & pompohcysp )


i’ve seen you since i.c.u

jackdaw of this yawning’s walk

caw a morning’s sylphid lea

bobbing in aurora’s mist


pigeon on the garden fence

chatterings of chaffinches

swishing swifts once camlann snatched

bouncing black like arthur’s chough


roundabouts & owl again

signets sing of saturn’s rings

as a hatchling winter wren

struts the stuff of pheasant legs


warble with the choral calls

chuckles under second suns

flapping neath the even’s eves

curlew as the curfew flags


lapwing laughing overhead

sights in flight for sleepless eyes

‘pon a roving afternoon’s

feathered haze of yester-daze


nightingale of waxing moons

speckled sparrow shadow man

psychopomp & circumstance

nimble winged since breath bent left