planet egg


planet egg (  gge tenalp  )

once anon trad the folk

toad an ode, frog a croak

river mist, kiss the smoke

flap a wing, jig a leg

spawn the dawn, fly the sky

yoke the sun over thy

hatch a plan, frying high

sound around - square a peg

hare the air, natter shat

hat 'n' this, piss 'n' that

cool the school as a cat

power naps powder keg

dog the woods - woof a bass

weaving wool, pull a face

spicing life, grinding mace

scrawling balls - nut the meg

shave the apes shaking clubs

pull the plugged bathing tubs

headless kings, snakes in pubs

normalzzz falls - scrambled smeg

mumble us, jungles bee

kitchen sinks bumble we

jumping jack jumbled free

cracking on planet egg