what the fog?

now is sodden smoke

from the bowels of rotten oak

( ~ )

phantom dogs afoot

sing of sinking sand & soot

( ~ )

then within the head

in the absence of a stead

( ~ )

darkness is a mate

as the cattle masticate

( ~ )

far beyond this where

in the barns of else’s there

( ~ )

plod beyond the town

as a nothing pisses down

( ~ )

cousin saturn spins

uncle odin’s stroking chins

( ~ )

shiver in the rhyme

of a headless horseman time

( ~ )

silent like the rain

or the e in michael caine

( ~ )

floating in the still

in the mists of winter’s chill

( ~ )

breezeless is the lieu

of this archimedes screw

( ~ )

’til the crocus croak

& king arthur is awoke

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