thieving gits

“a flower?”

( peter gabriel )

magpies steal moonbeams
& glossy magazines

coins from open pockets
– there goes y’ bus fare

diamonds in heists
with stockings on their noggins

lighthouse keepers
– bald as a featherless coot

who walk without a hat
beneath the midday sun

orange essex girls
with their oompa loompa tans

& the glowing temples
of their croydon facelifts

body builders posing
drenched in baby oil

dragged up by their ankles
to a roost in the sky

plus the little metal dish
of a mister kipling pie

or crowns from the bonces
of royal queens & kings

foil from the smack’eads
– yes, all the shiny things

( author nodes )


if you want to see the full photo

& not just the snippets of it

( sort it out – wordpress tech-twats )

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