october salad

“bring me my spear; o clouds unfold!”

( william blake )

toadstool cushions

gnomes gone fishing

      fission not fusion

      flatpack furnishings

further in the foghorn

haunted orchard gate

      gone with the windmill

      snails in a gale

alpacas, llamas

summer in pyjamas

      spot the baboons

      in hot air balloons

fungal fayre rides

feather duster there

      egg fried ricin

      rutting stags & hags

werewolf whistles

a turnip for the books

      leaves on the lane

      stomach acid rain

ghosts on toast

goblins & bats

      west winds, vest stings

      & woollen bobble hats

( author moans )

wordpress keeps cutting off my photos

it’s been going on for a few days now

i don’t understand …

maybe it’s the dimensions?

does everything have to be a standard size now?

fuck knows coz i don’t

but if you go on resarfpoetry.blog

you can still see the full images

… thanks & huff over ( for now )

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