a wondrous thing


a wondrous thing ( gniht suordnow a )

a wondrous thing, a sight – behold
a shining gleam, a sheen of gold

the bollocks of the toppest dog
in digital or analogue

the ice is dry – the lighting low
the cast is crashing lightning so

a wondrous thing, a singing sage
& not available in beige

it does the bins & washing up
& filleth doth the spilleth cup

it never rusts & dusts the shelves
the feathers preen & clean themselves

the words within are sentinels
& oh, the several tentacles

a pillared post, a frozen star
a book, a bat, the god’s guitar

a magic door that sobers drunks
& cue the sound of chanting monks

the monkey shapes of space & time
a panacea’s pantomime

from skin & bone to bloated whale
the king will bow & all must hail

the best of all, your number one
a wondrous thing – now where’s it gone?

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